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PR Week has announced recently a round-up of some of the best communications companies to work for in the UK 2014 and reading through the list, one thing quickly becomes apparent – all the companies in question use team building to create strong bonds between colleagues and a positive working environment.

There are many different types of outdoor and indoor team building activities that the companies use to encourage productive working relationships, for example, Cohn & Wolfe invite their employees to secret themed parties whilst the Omnicom Group organise community service days and relaxing yoga sessions.

A quick browse of some of the companies listed as the best to work for by Fortune Magazine shows that the trend continues here also. For example, Return Path voted the 2nd best medium-size workplace cites Go-Kart racing days and group pedicures as key to creating a fun, friendly working environment.

At Zing Events we’ve shown time and time again that innovative, non-awkward team building exercises can genuinely benefit any company, and create a more effective working team. Not only do team building events create a friendly, but productive team they have also been shown to reduce stress around the hectic Christmas period and the adult play that they involve can re-ignite the creative part of the brain which is so active as a child.
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