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Many of you would have seen the anti-team building posters on the London Underground, newspapers or on any of the thousands of advertising boards all over the country that illustrate how dated and dysfunctional team away days have now become.

Vodafone have been depicting apathetic employees half-heartedly undergoing team building activities. At Zing Events we had a real chuckle to ourselves – because we quite simply could not agree more! We’ve been saying exactly the same things for many years now. Our industry has been left wanting!!

Our greatest motivation at Zing Events has always been to provide and deliver programmes which are exciting, fresh, trendy and ‘cool’ to coin a phrase; we are unlike any other company in our sector – because quite simply we do things differently – and better! Our events are new and original.

A survey by Vodafone UK and YouGov has concluded the UK staff have become turned off by team building as they often breed ‘awkwardness’.  According to the survey, experiences like being blindfolded and led by colleagues are considered the least effective team-building activities.

Findings showed the most effective events are social events like going out for a drink or a meal; ‘The Zing Show’ – in our opinion is the ultimate team building event currently available. It will blow your mind! It’s the most interactive, fun, fast-paced and down-right entertaining event you will ever share with colleagues. It is a fully blown production that includes stand-up comics, live music and quiz questions.

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