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There are countless benefits to taking part in a team building activity, and not just the ones that might first spring to mind. Take a look through this list of benefits to find out how a team building event can improve team morale, create more effective communication, cause an improved ROI and much more! We’ll also be providing a few exemplar activities that target certain objectives in particular.

Improved communication

A team building activity is a great way to break the ice between members of the team and get them communicating with each other. A corporate team building activity allows those who don’t often get to speak to each other the opportunity to have a more in depth conversation and most importantly, provides them with the common ground to discuss! If you’re looking to bond new members of the team, members of different departments or of different tiers then a corporate team building activity is the perfect method. Zing offers several activities that concentrate on improved communication, for example in The Trading Floor the teams must discuss amongst themselves to decide what to invest in and what to overlook.

Targeting strengths and weaknesses

Taking part in a corporate team building event is a great way to find out exactly what each member of the team is struggling with, and what they excel at. Sometimes it can be easier to hide when you’re struggling if you’re sat at a desk or taking on similar tasks every day. Watching your staff take part in team building activity or away day can give you a great insight into where their real strengths and weaknesses lie. Get in the Zone is a corporate team building event which lets teams take on creative, mental, physical or skilful challenges.

Boosting Morale

Team building activities are fun! Especially at Zing, team building activities are always really enjoyable for those taking part and often hilarious. Getting the chance to let off steam after a big project or just spend some time with work friends outside of the office will put your employees in the right mind frame to be content to work harder. Even if your team building event achieves nothing except to make your employees feel appreciated, it has been proven that companies that manage this can achieve the greatest accomplishments.

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Pushing employees out of their comfort zones

Employees can get comfortable in their daily roles, especially if they’ve been in them for a while. Pushing people out of their comfort zones forces them to think intuitively, a skill which they will then bring back into the workplace. If you really want to challenge yourself how about taking part in Zing’s Soap Box Derby? Teams will have to be creative, competitive, logical and innovative in the creation of soap box derby cars.
If you still don’t believe us take a look at all these other ways in which team building can benefit you and your company!

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