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Working from Home isn’t as straightforward as you’d think….

It can be hard to get motivated when you’re without your colleagues. Some find it difficult to stay productive, others have difficulties with communicating between their team and clients.

That “buzz” just can’t be recreated over FaceTime.

And, after a while, the TV does start calling you…

But ultimately, this is the new normal – a bog standard day’s work but in very different environment.

Whilst it may be the case there’s a handful of things that simply cannot be done at home – like it can in the office, as the saying goes, “There’s an App for that!”.

We thought it was worth sharing with you our essential survival kit for WFH, to make your life easier and to keep you motivated day after day.

Communication with your Team & Clients
Hybrid Team Building | Virtual Team Building Activities | Zing Events
Just because you aren’t in the same building together doesn’t mean any interaction with the team needs to be compromised.

WFH’s a great way to identify meetings which really could’ve been an email, and which are truly vital. For those, there’s plenty of resource available to you to keep communication flowing.
Top 5 Communication Apps:

Zing Events Wellbeing at Home – the UK Team Building company have created an innovative team activity App that allows remote team interaction, that can be enjoyed by team members from the comfort of their own homes. Imperative if you’re looking to boost team morale and create a feel-good factor in the workforce.

Houseparty – a group video chat platform perfect for teams. The app notifies you when your Colleagues and friends are online and you can jump into a virtual face to face hangout. Perfect for the Virtual ‘Afterwork drinks.’

Slack- One of the most popular remote work apps out there, Slack is a massaging platform designed for teams and it’s the ideal communication tools for remote workers. Instant messaging is organised into channels, which team members can join and leave, as needed, so nobody receives messages or notifications irrelevant to them.

Zoom – start, join, or record a video meeting within Slack. You can even screenshare to stay connected with your team. Also perfect if you have a large team and are looking for a meeting tool that allows you to host a big number of people.

Yala – social media artificial intelligence that helps you create 7 second videos, and schedules them to post on your social channels when your individual audiences are most active.

Remote Office Tools
Hybrid Team Building | Virtual Team Building Activities | Zing Events
A very important factor when WFH. Ensuring you can still fulfil your job role in the any remote setting. Being organised and resourceful is key.

Top 5 Remote Working Apps:

Microsoft To-Do – smart daily planning you can access anywhere. A perfect App to get organised on a Monay and use as a reference throughout the week.

Wurkr – A video platform that replicates your physical office – online. There’s screen-sharing, messaging, always-on features, the ability for external guests and visibility over the whole virtual office.

Dropbox – if you need to share a large file with a colleague, upload your files into Dropbox and they’re readily available and easy to find when you and your team mates need them.

Sketchboard– Lets you brainstorm, mind map and plan with others in real time or through a shareable digital canvas.

Quip is a way of file sharing that addresses one of the weaknesses of Google Docs. It allows teams to collaborate, which means discuss documents, spreadsheets and task lists.

Productivity & Time Management
Hybrid Team Building | Virtual Team Building Activities | Zing Events
When we’re WFH, it’s essential teams keep productive throughout the week. We’ve got a great range of apps on offer to us to aid us with just that.

Top 5 Productivity Apps:

Asana – a project management tool to help you stay on top of your priority tasks. Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish and allows you to delegates jobs and keep to deadlines.

Slash– a productivity app that makes you do one task at a time. Super useful if you’re one to get interrupted. Allows you to get things done in less time with their ‘hyper focus’ mentality.

Toggl– Keep track of how long it’s really taking you to complete tasks. Allows you to switch between projects giving you a useful overview of the tasks that’s taking up most of your time.

Daywise- Schedule notifications to stop work interrupting your free time. The app is an intelligent assistant that checks through your notifications, sorts them out depending on the priority you give them and notifies you appropriately.

Float is a great option for smaller teams that lets you handle resources and track projects. You can easily customize and use it within your own organisation.

Wellbeing At Home
Hybrid Team Building | Virtual Team Building Activities | Zing Events
WFH comes with plenty of hurdles. Hopefully by now, you’ve sorted out the boundaries and house rules. But have you thought about yourself and your wellbeing in all of this?

Our Wellbeing should be made a priority when planning and organising your day ahead. Make sure you still have ‘you’ time. Take breaks, reflect and keep active. WFT doesn’t have to be lonely and frustrating.

Top 5 Wellbeing Apps:

Sleep Cycle – put your phone on your bedside table before you fall asleep and this app analyses your sleep and wakes you up at the most perfect time, feeling rested.

Mindfulness–  Only a few minutes a day are enough to refresh your brain, energize and be able to focus again. This is a super easy app to use that provides you with guided meditations for all levels and types.

Seven is a very handy exercise app, that challenges you to do a quick but very intense 7-minute workout. Exercises switch between cardio and strength and can easily be done in a quick break from work.

Take a Break Please– When you work from home and don’t have to pay attention to breaks or office closing hours, it can be very tempting to work all day. This app that forces you to take breaks throughout the day, shake off the cobwebs and move away from your office chair.

Headspace – one of the first mainstream meditation apps to hit the app world- and one of the most successful, with routines you can do anytime, anywhere.

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